FLOWER for sale.

as a craft, letak kat topi, bag what ever that u can imagine of hehe, tqvm.

DESIGN: 4 petals flower
SIZE: 9cm
PRICE: RM2.50 per pcs 

DESIGN: Sunflower-look-a-like
SIZE: 10 cm
PRICE: RM2 per pcs

DESIGN: 3 layers flower
SIZE: 10cm
PRICE: RM2.50 per pcs

DESIGN: Lil Tiny flower
PRICE: 4 pcs for rm1.00

DESIGN:Happy Flower
PRICE: 10 pcs for rm6.50
SIZE: 6cm

**can request color, just look at my COLOR album. tqvm

DESIGN: Mix Color Flower
PRICE: 10 pcs rm7.00
SIZE: 5cm

**d'buat menggunakan benang nylon halus so can request color, just look at my COLOR album for other benang nylon halus. tqvm

DESIGN: Adorable flowers
PRICE: RM2 per pcs
SIZE: 8cm